Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Show wrapup!

My craft show is done, and it went well! I was so busy that I didn't take any pictures. Can't believe it. But I still have a few things to show:
My new cards. I remember a time when I would spend hours on something like this... to make it just perfect. I don't have the time for that anymore! But I'm pleased with them anyway.
A superman blankie. These are from repurposed sheets and minky. Really cute.
A Star Wars blankie. Again with the repurposed sheets. Original 1970's vintage this time. Love these.
For the little girls..... a flamingo blankie. I want one of these in my size.
Some monogramming that I was pleased with. Love these little backpacks, and I like the tiaras.
Got some more to share, but I'll post that later!

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