Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A special blankie

Both of my grandmothers sewed. Quite well. If I could be half as good as either of them, I'd call it a miracle. Although I got to do crafts and things with them as a child, I regret that I never really got a chance to sew with them.
I do have my grandma's dress form, and I use it as a display at craft shows and in my sewing room for my works in progress. A while back, my mom found some fabric she had kept from my grandmother's house. It's this lovely pink flocked tulip pattern. I don't have any idea how old it might be, so if you know, please comment and tell me!
I used it to make a blankie for my 4-month old. I love how it turned out. The green on the back really sets off the pink!
Here's a closeup so you can see the patterns togther. I love the binding I found to match it!
I think Grandma would be pleased.


  1. That is very pretty fabric! I'm glad you can share it with your own daughter...how special is that! Fabric fondled by her great grandmother....you might want to record that on the lable or something for posterity's sake?

  2. What a beautiful blankie and story! This will be a cherished item that Audrey will share with her children and grandchildren!