Thursday, July 30, 2009

thanks for the help + finished quilt

Thanks so much for your input on the birdie quilt. I really appreciate your help!
I think most everyone agreed that I hadn't really "committed" to the bright orange and I either needed more brights or less orange.

So I ripped out the orange blocks....

I HATE ripping seams. But I managed to get it done without a great deal of injuries (to me or the quilt). I made 2 new blocks. Then I began the process of putting it back together.

Confession time: I don't like reconstructing things that were once constructed. I don't sew clothes because I can't make them fit properly. I don't even hem pants--I just wear higher heels. Whew! Confession is good for the soul. And high heels are good for many things.

Anyway, moving on.... I eventually got it all put back together properly. I went with the bird binding. And I LOVE the way it turned out.

So I also think I would have really liked it with the orange if I had put more brights in the quilt. But the way it turned out, it's perfect for its recipient.


  1. Nice quilt with alot of pretty colors.

  2. I just posted pictures of the baby doll big I made for my doll if you would like to come and see it. I'll be posting pictures my next project on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

    Emily, Age 8

  3. I love the way it turned out! The greens are so pretty and it looks more balanced now! Good job!!! The recipient will love it! Any news from her?

  4. Wendy, the quilt looks so cute! I think the changes you made definitely made the quilt look cuter. And I never would have thought of that!
    Way to go!