Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Print Art

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, and I wanted to include the kids in doing something special for her. Inspired by this link, we set off with some red paint and made some prints on white cotton:
The yellow is my thumbprint. G was very excited about helping to make this present. I gave her some paper and watercolors to paint with while I worked on the second part.....
I added some embellishments to create butterflies and a bumblebee.
...thank you, mom for sending me to art lessons when I was little....Finally, I set the block in the middle of some black prints from her quilt and bound the edges to make a pillow. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and it was a really fun project!


  1. Great idea! I love the fun prints that come home with my daughter from daycare. I'll have to make some at home too.

  2. So cute! I've enjoyed getting caught up on your blogs today!

  3. Very creative. You did a fabuluos job. Yours is so much prettier than the sample you used for inspiration.