Friday, October 29, 2010

Blogger's Quilt festival

Hi Friends!

I'm so thrilled to be participating in Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival today.  What a fun grouping of some amazing work.  Be sure to click through and check out all the awesome quilts on there!

I'm sharing this quilt today: 
I worked on it for months and months... because it kept getting put aside for other projects.
I made it for my bed.  It's an oversized queen, measuring 84" by 94"

I came up with the block on my own, and there are about a zillion and a half HST's in there. 
This is by far the most organized quilt I've ever made.  Most have more of a wonky/improv feel to them.
But I enjoyed making it.

Here's the back.  I put a piano key border on the top, so when the bed is made and the top is folded nicely over you see that.
I LOVE this large scale print on the back!

And then I pieced some leftovers into a corner just for fun.  And because I ran out of the floral and naptime was almost over......

edited to add:  Here's the fabrics used so no one has to squint:

The letters are Michael Miller's Word Search.
The dark newspapery one I have no idea, but if you know, please tell me.  I'd love to have a bolt of it.
The lighter one is Moda Authentic which I added when I ran out of the newspapery one.
The music notes, I'm not sure.
Also the one with the shredded paper doesn't show well in pics, but it's fabulous in person!
The binding is Moda's Attitude Girls.
And the dark is a Moda dot (brown on black).

Then with some more leftovers I made these:

All of it was machine pieced on this:

Here it is, all set up together.

Thanks so much for stopping by the Wendy City!


  1. Loving those fabrics, and I love that you used up the scraps!!!

  2. That's a stunning quilt - very manly - I'm squinting at the photos to see whether it's all Authentic or a mix in there. Either way, it's wonderful

  3. wow! you really went to town! Love the back as much as the front of the quilt!

  4. I love these neutral quilts! Beautiful...

  5. Fabulous quilt. I love the piano keys!

  6. Looooove it. A sophisticated use of fun fabric :)

  7. That is a very well-dressed bed - what a wonderful quilt!

  8. Love it! they look like little bowties. until the quilt is all scrunched up (like the first photo), then it looks like a pile of newspapers. Fantastic!

  9. I LOVE this quilt!! Black and white and neutrals, they are stunning!

    And the pillows are a great addition for your bed.


  10. Great quilt. The backing fabric is fabulous.

  11. Beautiful contrast with the beige and black.

  12. lol - love your blog name and your quilt is lovely! :)

  13. Hi Wendy. Your quilt is stunning. There is so much work involved. Really love the design. The back is amazing, too , especially the way you have designed it to show when folded over.
    Just wonderful!

  14. Great job putting the colors together, they all work so nicely together. I really like the piano in the back too. Great quilt!

  15. All your coordinated pieces look fabulous together- like the homey touches of the pillows and the great backing too.
    A very lovely quilt that has a real put together decorator look.
    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the festival.

  16. someone else, just a few quilts back in the line, had this same sewing machine :)
    it's just like the one I learned on when I was a kid, love it.

    the quilt is beautiful, great work!