Thursday, October 28, 2010

hey wendy! huh??

Hee hee......  
You know, I love getting to see pictures of the people whose blogs I follow.  
It just brings me great joy!

And yet, I didn't feel like I could bring myself to post a self-portrait other than the cryptic one you see on the right.  I'm rather shy, you see.
But I liked this one, since it's an (obviously) unposed action shot.
So here's me.  And my workspace.  

and a quilt I finished up last week. 2, actually. they are both in my shop.

And the shorts on my obnoxiously bright green chair (which  I love)?  
Trying to make a pattern off them but have not yet been successful.

The quilt on the machine?  Didn't turn out.  Yep, that happens to me too.  Good idea, didn't work.

love to you all today!


  1. Ditto, Karen's comment ... you are adorable! Thanks for sharing the picture of you in quilting action :)

  2. Live your sewing area! We're about to move out west of Fort Worth and I want to find a home with a place for my machine! I'm just learning to quilt and the corner of the living room just isn't working for me anymore!