Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wendy sets a goal

Friends, I'm setting a goal.  You see, I'd like to sell crafty things.
And I know that reaching a goal.... well, it depends first on setting it.
And then taking a zillion small steps to reach it.

And sometimes some of us need to publicly state a goal in order to feel accountable to making those small steps.

So here goes.
I'm going to do my best to post 5 items on etsy each week.  That's one for every weekday.  And some weeks I'll post all 5 at once.

So here's the item for today:
 love the backing!
 love the bird!
you know I love me some striped binding.....
it's a child's lap quilt.  Could be a crib quilt.  Could theoretically be a wall hanging. and it's right here.


  1. LOVE the backing!!! What fabric is this? Also love the striped binding. I've just started quilting. do you not use bias binding? I thought that is what you had to do for quilts, or is that just what most prefer?