Monday, October 11, 2010

Dollar store flowers to hair clips, part 3

Today we're working with sunflowers.  These are readily available at the dollar tree, in a variety of colors.
I like the way these look, and we're not going to change them much to make clips.

Here's what you will need:
sunflowers from the dollar store.  there are several on a bunch, so $1 worth of flowers will make 5-6 clips.
some green scrap felt
spring hair clips
hot glue gun + glue

Let's get started!
First, pull the leaf part off the stem.  Remove all the center plastic stuff so that the tri-leaf thing lays flat.

Next, remove the flower from the stem.
You're going to want to peel off the green backing part.

When you do, the post part will stick out.
Trim it off flat.

Allright.  Almost done.  Can you believe it?
Get your hot glue out.  Put glue between the layers of the flower and also between the flower and the fuzzy center part.  As always, try not to burn your fingers!
Glue the leaf part to a piece of felt that is slightly larger than your hair clip.

Glue together.

Once the glue dries, flip them over and glue the hair clips on. 
So this is the end of my "Hair Clips from Dollar Tree Flowers" series.  
What do you think?  
Anyone out there motivated to destroy some cheap flowers to make hair ornaments?

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