Saturday, October 30, 2010

How to construct a gnome hat in 12 easy steps.


1.  Buy one of these at ye local Dollar Tree
Begin with enthusiasm and optimism.
 2.  Unceremoniously rip off the fluffy stuff.  As best you can.  Those little shreds won't matter.
 3.  Find some red fabric.  Whatever you've got will do.  
Grab some double stick tape.   Tape it on the hat, hoping it will do some of the work for you.
Curse it when it doesn't.  Stupid double stick tape.
 4.  Using a combination of double stick tape and sheer force of will, roll hat around until coated in red fabric.
Cut off excess.
 5.  Trim the bottom.  Leave an inch or so past hat.
 6.  Remember to plug in glue gun at this point.  Make an extra trip through the house for extra glue sticks. 
While waiting for glue gun, work on gnome hair.
7.  Thread some sort of skinny thing like ribbon, fabric, yarn or dental floss between... well whatever you can find.  These coffee cups worked fine.  Your skinny thing is what you'll tie yard around for gnome hair.  Make sure it's as long as halfway around the gnome hat.

8.  Attach yarn to ribbon.

9.  Continue tying yarn.  At some point, get frustrated and put 8 lengths of yarn together at a time.  It won't matter anyway and it gets the job done faster.  

9.  Tie knots on the ends so your gnome hair doesn't escape.

10.  Use hot glue that is now heated up to secure fabric to hat.  Forget to take picture.  Burn fingers several times.

11. Attach gnome hair to inside back of hat using excessive amounts of hot glue.  
Burn fingers again.
12.  Admire your handiwork.  Pray child will actually wear hat.

Happy Halloween and lots of love to all of you!!

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  1. I popped over from Stash Manicure to check out your blog--- you are so funny and you reminded me that a sense of humour is an absolute must when you have children!and a hot glue gun!