Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm a guest poster! Someone pinch me! EEEKK!

Friends, I'm guest posting today over at Stash Manicure!
Have you been there?  Because it's fabulous.  And I've always wanted to be a guest poster.
So it's a big day for me...
So please jump over there and check out Stash Manicure.  
Be a follower.  
Leave a comment on my post so I feel loved?  
It's a lovely read every morning as you drink your coffee!

I posted about this quilt.
so thrilled....

now, my post over there talks about scraps I sent away.  
I'm not sending them away now.  
That was back in March.  
But stay tuned, I'll probably have more sometime soon!


  1. CONGRATS on the guest posting!
    since you've offered,
    i would love your leftovers!
    and i'll email same if need be ! :))
    thx for your generosity!

  2. I just adore this quilt. Congrats on the guest blogging!
    Please visit me at

  3. Please consider me if you are donating fabrics to good causes. Please see my posting on Stash manicure on Oct 14th. Thanks.
    BTW I loved your blog about the string quilts, so cute.

  4. And it was if I say sew myself..a great post...I look forward to seeing you again... piece be with you..madame samm