Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dollar store flowers to hair clips, part 1

I love the Dollar Tree!
and I LOVE making hair clips for my girls.
and I love it when 2 good things come together!

Now I don't use Dollar Store flowers for much because (a) they are rather skimpy and (b) the centers often give away the fact that they are cheap. 
But today I'll show you how to overcome BOTH those things and make something fabulous.

Here's what you'll need:
Some flowers.  These came from Dollar Tree.  
Each clip takes 2 blooms, so $1 worth of flowers makes a few.
{You'll see what to do with the hydrangeas in part 2}

some felt scraps that are reasonably close to your flowers, hot glue gun, clips
And some beads.  Little ones.  I got each of these for 77 cents at my local big craft store. 
If you purchase a neutral color, you can use one package for many different clips.

We're going to start working with these.
First, pull 2 blooms off.  That's right, just yank them off the stem.

Then peel off the back part, and you'll find that the center is removable.  So one flower separates into this:
So this twice for a clip.
Cut a piece of felt large enough to cover your silver clip with a little overhang. 
and use your hot glue to glue the largest layer onto the felt.

Continue doing this until you are satisfied.  I have 3 large and 1 small layer here.

allright, hold that thought.  let's make a white one now.  we'll finish them both together.
so I found these in the wedding-ish flowers.  I liked them because some of the petals are sheer!
separate it.  Just keep pulling off plastic pieces.  They will come off.

for this one, I had some with 4 petals, some with 3 and some sheer ones.  
And I cut another piece of felt to go on the bottom.
{it's grey in the pictures}
I stacked them in that order.
    Again, I used 2 blooms for each clip.
Keep stacking until you are pleased with it.

Now it's time to add the centers.
Get your tiny beads out, and put a blob of hot glue in the center of your flower.  Pour on the beads like you are using glitter, and gently press them into the hot glue blob.  Try not to burn yourself!

Ok, one more variation while you're at it.  After all, you're almost a professional now.
The pink flowers?
Easy.  Take them apart, layer them up on top of felt, and then put beads in the center.

flip them over, and glue the clips onto the back with hot glue.

Here's my oldest modeling for me:

Isn't she darling!

If you make these, I'd love to hear about it!

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