Friday, May 22, 2009

Bright Spot quilt -- pattern stage!

I'm {relatively} young. My friends are {relatively} young. So it comes as a great shock when one of my friends passes away. In the past 3 years, this has happened twice.

  • Kristen passed away of cancer last year. In her last few months, she sent her oldest child to kindergarten.
  • Dave passed away of a heart condition unexpectedly. His son Connor was 5.

It's a shock.

Some friends have organized a golf tourney to benefit the education funds of these kiddos, and I'm donating a quilt. In my continuing effort to take on much more than I can possibly handle, I decided to design a pattern as well. Eek! Anyway, I wanted to design a pattern that honors what bright spots these precious children were to the parents that had to leave them too soon.

My babies are the brightest spots in my life--they add color and fun to every single day.

So you see my kitchen table this morning. It's early. Hoping that cup of coffee will keep the inspiration coming. Stay tuned!

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