Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wendy helps you survive your family reunion.

I'm showing off a creation for a family reunion. My cousin asked us to each bring "door prizes." hmm.. that proved to be a challenge. Of course, all I wanted was to bring the coolest door prize--you know, the one that people fought over and argued and were almost willing to inflict physical harm... all in the name of family togetherness, of course!

This is the sign on our grandfather's ranch. Since this picture was taken, it has incurred a few more bulletholes, but that's another post entirely...... ah yes, back to the story. It's kind of the icon of the ranch, you could say. So as my contribution to the door prizes, I brought.... {drum roll} tee shirts with the sign on it!!
brilliant, eh?

Here's the best part--you can use this for any event, and it's really easy! There's this wonderful stuff at Hobby Lobby near the T-shirts (get a 40% off coupon first, ok?) and you just feed it through your inkjet printer. You can design anything you want and print it off onto the magic paper, and then iron it on. Oh, imagine the amazing possibilities....

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