Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ways to Annoy people...2 Year old Style

Those of us who were in college in the 90's probably remember seeing lots of lists about "How to Annoy your Roommate" and such. They were funny. And it was in the early days of the web, and we were thrilled with our ability to send funny things to each other. Here's a pretty good example.

So I'd like to present..... Ways to Annoy people...2 Year old Style
Please try these out on your friends and coworkers and report back how long it takes before they beat you about the face and head.....

1. Anytime you hear a statement, ask "WHY?" Repeat until the person leaves the room.
2. Announce anytime someone uses the bathroom. Congratulate them and do a special dance. Offer to get them candy.
3. Remove your shoes at least once an hour. Insist that other people put them back on for you.
4. Learn new words. Use them at inappropriate times. Loudly.
5. Change your mind. A lot.
6. Stand waaaayyyy too close. Preferably on people's feet.
7. Close all doors you encounter. Every single one.
8. Request food. Refuse to eat it. Request more food. Don't eat that either. Complain about how hungry you are.
9. Color on stuff in permanent marker. Legal documents, furniture, pets and clothing are the best.
10. Insist that all yellow objects are actually orange. Argue loudly about it.
11. Ignore the existence of the number 7.

Moms of 2-year-olds out there, you ROCK! Hang in there!


  1. Thanks for a good laugh. Having a nearly two year old myself I can totally relate.

  2. That was hilarious. I rarely laugh out loud at things I read, but I definitely woke the kiddo sleeping on my chest when I read this. Especially numbers 3 and 8 (which coincidentally remind me of my husband as well). Thanks for giving me a good laugh!