Sunday, May 24, 2009

A useful project -- high chair cover

By age 2, my daughter's high chair cover looked... a little icky. Like this:

Nothing desperately wrong with it. But a little gross, no matter what products I used to launder it. So I set out on a project to replace it in a cute way.

This was an easy, quick project--my favorite kind!

I took strips of pink scraps, sewed them together to be larger than my high chair cover, then sandwiched it together and quilted it.

Then I cut out the basic shape and then checked it on the high chair. When I was happy with it, I cut out a half-circle shape to go on the back to go over the high chair. Then I made binding with the polka dot scraps, and bound the edges. The ribbons were caught in the binding and hold it to the chair nicely!


  1. That is so cute - how clever of you!

  2. I love it! You are so gifted! I still remember in college when you first got your sewing machine and you made Robin Hood and Maid Marion costumes for a date party! You were all like, "I just taught myself" - like anyone could do it. You've always inspired me!