Sunday, May 31, 2009

This week's giveaway....

I have to admit, I enjoyed the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway this week.
It was fun.
I'm glad to have made new blogging friends!
I'm glad you're here.

So this week I'm giving away something else.
Do you ever buy fabric and then wonder why the heck you bought it?
That's what I did. I bought this online without checking the manufacturer's site for color accuracy. In the picture, it was pink and brown and was going to be simply gorgeous in my daughter's room. In reality it's white and olive... and it's not my colors.
But perhaps it's yours?
It's 2 fat quarters of Amy Butler's Daisy chain fabric.
I've seen some really beautiful things made with this fabric lately.

Anyhoo... to enter, just leave a comment and tell me what you'd do with it.
{Anything is better than what I've done with it--leave it in a drawer for 3 months occasionally pulling it out and deciding NOT to use it...}

I'll choose a winner on Friday June 5. Check back to see if you won!
And I'll post the winner of the watermelon quilt tomorrow.


  1. I would make something for my daughter with it, like a bag or a book cover, then I would use every last square inch of the scraps for my quilting. I never throw any of it away. Never, ever. It's like gold for me.

    PS. I'm a Texan living in Florida now. :( I get real homesick.

  2. I have a friend in LA, I would love to make a bag for her. I have seen so many cool bags during this giveaway that it would be neat to try my hand at making one.

    Thanks for doing more giveaway... I love your quilt by the way, can't wait to see the winner!

  3. LOL yes, I've got a couple fabrics like that. Unfortunately one of them is so ugly that I don't even think I can in all good conscience give it away. But you know, maybe someone would love it!

    I'd use them to make one of the fat quarter purses that I've seen tutorials for on Sew Mama Sew. I love white and olive together :)

  4. Lovely fabric to make a purse or several bibs! Nice giveaway!

  5. Clothes or a little bag, I think. :)

  6. Great fabric! I think I would dig through my fat quarter patterns and make a purse. I love those colors!

  7. You have a lovely blog. That fabric is gorgeous! My sister-in-law needs a water bottle carrier to take with her this summer for day hikes with the kids. This would be the perfect fabric for that.

  8. My favorite color is green and I would love to make zipper cases with this fabric. I've seen some great tutorials online and would love to try them. Thank you for your fun blog.

  9. Well, a bag is always my defalt answer to this kind of question. :) But I think it would look really nice on my red-headed daughter...and we were just discussing what she might like me to make for her to wear to an upcoming wedding...

  10. These are lovely fabrics and i think they will make lovely pouches or tote bags!! Thanks for the giveaway. :) Have a lovely merry happy first week of june and love to you!

  11. Awesome, another beautiful giveaway. I'm bummed I didn't get to win the quilt. I'd probably make a zippered pouch or two with it using tutorials online that I've wanted to try. Or incorporate it into a quilt since my new king size bed in our first ever house is still naked in regards to a blanket or quilt and it's just boring white sheets. Crossing my fingers again.


  12. Oh, good. From one HP lover to another..... Isn't it a timeless story. I really can't believe that she wrote such a complicated story line so quickly. Have you listened to it as a book on tape or CD. Jim Dale is so marvelous. He grows the voices and personalities through the years. Anyway, I always just start at HP5 (my favorite) and listen through the very end of 7 once a year.

    I can't say exactly what I would do with your fabric, but I love to iron and fold all my fabrics and look at them all together until ready to use.


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  14. this is beautiful fabric i love the greens. i would make myself a project bag for my knitting out of it i just found the cutest pattern that would be good for this. vbarton24 at gmail dot com

  15. Ha- yeah, pretty different from the pink and brown you were expecting! I really like it, I am a green girl. I would use part of it for a bag (on the outside mixed with some linen)and reckon it would look really great lined with one of these prints.
    Thanks for another giveaway!

  16. I love Amy Butler's designs! It would make an adorable dress for my daughter, or find it's way into a scrappy nine patch.

  17. Hmm...well, I'm not so much the seamstress, but I'd definitely derive inspiration from it to paint something...and the nice thing about that is, I can alter the colors any way I want!

  18. I love amy butler fabric. I am making a "wild" quilt with her fabric but don't have either of those two.

  19. I am a fledgling clothing sewer. I sew pillows, bags, quilts, etc., well...but clothes (excepting Halloween costumes!) challenge me! However, I bought the CUTEST little pattern for a dress for my heart, Kaia, my 2-year-old. She and my 5-year-old are the sunshines of my life...and I would love, love, love to make the sweetest little patchwork dress for her out of this fabric. Amy Butler is inspirational and so are you!! Thanks so much! Rock on, sista sewer! (that's sew-er not sewer...) emdawgsmom(at)suddenlink(dot)net

  20. Looks like the basis for a really lovely purse.
    Yje colors are wonderful.

    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  21. I just stumbled upon your blog via another. I am going to have dig back in your archives... good stuff!

    Fun Fabric.... I love Amy Butler's patterns... I have bought a few, but can't bring myself to have at them with the scissors!

    Maybe winning some would INSPIRE ME! I think yours would look super cute as a little purselet! Zipper and all (which scare me... but I would do it!)